Privacy Policy

Yorkshire UK Mega 2018

Description of processing

The following is a broad description of the way this organisation/data controller processes personal information. To understand how your own personal information is processed you may need to refer to any personal communications you have received, check any privacy notices the organisation has provided or contact the organisation to ask about your personal circumstances.

Nature of Work - Yorkshire UK Mega 2018 Organising Committee

Reasons/purposes for processing information

We process personal information to enable us to administer our membership records and activities including fundraising; maintain our own accounts and records; support and manage our volunteers.

Details collected via our volunteer registration web pages will be held in an encrypted electronic format and will be stored for no longer than 2 months after the event (4 August 2018) has finished.

Type/classes of information processed

We process information relevant to the above reasons/purposes. This may include:

Personal details:
  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Caching name
  • Age (if under 18)

Who the information is processed about

We process personal information about our volunteers, committee members, supporters and sponsors.

Who the information may be shared with

We sometimes need to share the personal information we process with, for example:

  • Yorkshire UK Mega 2018 committee members
  • Event Organisers - for organisational purposes
  • Organisations/venues who are hosting events at which you are volunteering, for security/health and saftey purposes

Where this is necessary we are required to comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Transferring information overseas

We do not transfer any personal information outside the European Economic Area (EEA).